About Us

Pet Memorial is a family run business, established in 2016, allowing you to share your fondest memories of a loved one with others, in a unique way that combines digital technology with the most traditional of methods - a plaque.

Pet Memorial was a natural extension of our long-standing company Northern Design Unit, established in 1967. Northern Design Unit has vast experience in the design and creation of memorial and information plaques worldwide. Our plaques have been commissioned to commemorate famous people from The Beatles to The Royal Family and Charles Dickens, for the openings of public buildings, and for memorials to those lost in disasters or at arms.
We hope our latest venture into digital memory plaques at www.pet-memorial.co.uk will enable you to celebrate and share the life of your pet.

Pet Memorial donates 1% of profits to a bereavement charity.

Feel free to contact us

Please feel free to contact us regarding any information or any questions you may have, prior to uploading your text, photos etc, or on any other matter including a stone or tablet already in use.

You may book with us direct us on this site or you may book through an agent near you. If you choose to book direct you'll be sent an invoice after you upload.
Your total fee for your memory page and plaque is £150


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