Share your
pet's memories

Losing a cherished pet leaves us with a tender collection of memories and events we want to live on forever. Now this is possible.

Pet memorial helps families create an online memorial page sharing stories, photos and videos dedicated to the lives of those they love but have now lost, ensuring their memories live on.

Our small beautiful plaques fit onto gravestones or tablets, featuring a unique code which smartphone users can scan to access a bespoke memorial webpage.

Photos, videos and memorials become instantly available for cemetery visitors to enjoy for generations to come.

A link can easily be sent to family members living overseas, so that they too can share the memories.

Large: 115mm x 52mm
Small: 82mm x 37mm
Square: 68mm x 52mm

Available in Silver or Gold finishes

The Plaques

Our intricately designed plaques come in a silver/stainless steel or a gold/bronze finish. They feature a photograph of your loved one, as chosen by you, plus their name, year of birth and death, and a unique code. 

If you prefer, you can choose to have a plaque without a photograph.

The unique code is known as a 'QR code', and when it is scanned with a smart phone app, it will link directly to your relative's bespoke memorial webpage. Watch the video above to see how scanning the plaque works

The process

Your fondest memories plaque will be sent to you when your loved one's memorial page is live. It comes in an attractive box and contains instructions for you to give to your stone mason regarding fixing it, or you can do it yourself - it's very easy and would of course be needed if the plaque was required on an already existing head stone.

If you require your plaque to be 'inlaid' into the stone surface then see the FAQs on the 'uploading' page

Feel free to contact us

Please feel free to contact us regarding any information or any questions you may have, prior to uploading your text, photos etc, or on any other matter including a stone or tablet already in use.

You may book with us direct us on this site or you may book through an agent near you. If you choose to book direct you'll be sent an invoice after you upload.
Your total fee for your memory page and plaque is £150


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